Today’s Youth and Mental Health: Hope, Power, and Resilience

Today’s Youth and Mental Health: Hope, Power, and Resilience by Soheila Pashang
English | 2018 | 453 Pages | ISBN : 3319648365

This book focuses on the social and intersectional determinants of mental health among youth. The innovative and cutting edge text arises out of multidisciplinary fields of academic, researchers, policy makers, practitioners, artists, and youth.  Contributions from Canada, Germany, Portugal, South Korea, Burkina Faso, Afghanistan, and Jamaica addresses the complexities and the opportunities for youth across contexts. Each chapter entails an introduction to the topic, literature review and research findings, discussion, and implications in regard to research, policy, and practice. A unique aspect of the book is the inclusion of a critical response to each chapter’s content from diverse stakeholders (such as policy makers, front line workers, practitioners, community activists, artists and youth).The book is a critical and current contribution to exploring youth mental health and, specifically, the ways in which youth learn, live, and resist in a world around them.  Topics examined include youth social engagement, civic integration, and political participation at multiple local, regional, and transnational levels.

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