Ontology in Information Science

“Ontology in Information Science” ed. by Ciza Thomas
ITExLi | 2018 | ISBN: 9535138871 9789535138877 953513888X 9789535138884 | 300 pages

This book explores a broad set of ideas and presents some of the state-of-the-art research in this field. The book provides researchers and practitioners working in the field of ontology and information science an opportunity to share their theories, methodologies, experiences, and experimental results related to ontology development and application in various areas.

The book includes the design aspects of domain ontologies considering the architecture, development strategy, and selection of tools. The intended audience of this book will mainly consist of researchers, research students, and practitioners in the field of ontology and information science.

1 Information Architecture for Organizations: An Ontological Approach
2 Ontology for Application Development
3 Examples of Ontology Model Usage in Engineering Fields
4 Towards Semantic Knowledge Maps Applications: Modelling the Ontological Nature of Data and Information Governance in a R&D Organization
5 E‐Service Composition Ontology
6 Ontology in IT Projects Based on OSM
7 Ontology: Core Process Mining and Querying Enabling Tool
8 Generating Scientifically Proven Knowledge about Ontology of Open Systems. Multidimensional Knowledge-Centric System Analytics
9 Semantic Remote Sensing Scenes Interpretation and Change Interpretation
10 Systematic Unfoldment of Differential Ontology from Qualitative Concept of Information
11 Strengthening the Flow of Agricultural Knowledge among Agricultural Stakeholders: The Case of Morogoro Region in Tanzania
12 Information Transfer and Thermodynamic Point of View on Goedel Proof

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