Life Sciences, Information Sciences

Life Sciences, Information Sciences 
Thierry Gaudin and Dominique Lacroix
English | ISBN: 1786302438 | 2018 | 400 pages

Developed from presentations given at the Cerisy SVSI (Sciences de la vie, sciences de l information) conference held in 2016, this book presents a broad overview of thought and research at the intersection of life sciences and information sciences.

The contributors to this edited volume explore life and information on an equal footing, with each considered as crucial to the other. In the first part of the book, the relation of life and information in the functioning of genes, at both the phylogenetic and ontogenetic levels, is articulated and the common understanding of DNA as code is problematized from a range of perspectives. The second part of the book homes in on the algorithmic nature of information, questioning the fit between life and automaton and the accompanying division between individualization and invariance.

Consisting of both philosophical speculation and ethological research, the explorations in this book are a timely intervention into prevailing understandings of the relation between information and life.

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